We match rates for new car loans.

What could be better than getting a new car loan from SC Telco and sitting behind the wheel of a brand-new car? We make it easy to enjoy your new ride without the worry of haggling for the best deal on new car financing. Choosing SC Telco to finance your next new car loan can save you money and help you make sound financial decisions. As a not-for-profit lender, we are able to offer our members competitive rates on new car loans, used car loans, and refinances. Come into your local branch or apply online today to find out how much you could save on your new car financing.

If you have great credit, you’ll get a great rate anywhere. That’s why we work hard to exceed your expectations. Working with us is about forging a long-term financial relationship, not about signing a loan. Before you go shopping for your new car, come see us about financing.

Resources to guide your new car financing decision

We’re passionate about our mission: to improve the financial life of every member. Offering affordable new car loans and helping you choose the right vehicle are two great ways we can make an impact on your day-to- day finances. Check out our Member Resources and our Auto Loan Learning Center for general guidance about making smart financial choices when purchasing your next car. Of course, you are always welcome to come into your local branch to talk to a new car financing expert face-to- face. We’ll help you make sure that you’re getting the best car for your needs and your budget.