SC Telco’s Car Loan Rates

Need to get on the road in a hurry? Apply today to find out how much you could save with a new, used, or refinanced car loan from SC Telco. Money management experts agree that paying too much for your car loan financing is almost a guarantee that you won’t be able to save or get ahead financially. As a not-for-profit lender, we are able to offer car loan rates.



3 years or less than 30,000 miles


7 years old or less OR 10 years old or less for luxury vehicles***


7+ years old or 10+ years old for luxury vehicles***

5.65% APR* for 48 months or less 6.65% APR* for 48 months or less 8.65% APR* for 48 months or less
3.49% APR* for 60 months or less** 4.49% APR* for 60 months or less** 6.49% APR* for 60 months or less**
6.15% APR* for 60 months 7.15% APR* for 60 months 9.15% APR* for 60 months
6.65% APR* for 72 months 7.65% APR* for 72 months 9.65% APR* for 72 months
6.90% APR* for 84 months 7.90% APR* for 84 months 9.90% APR* for 84 months

*Annual Percentage Rate, rate is accurate for members with 730 and greater credit score.
**Special rate is for members that meet the following qualifications: 730 or greater credit score, loan-to-value is 110% or less of retail or invoice, loan term is no more than 60 months, discounts to rate do not apply.
***Used luxury vehicles are classified as: Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche.

SC Telco’s Car Loan Rates


  • We will match or beat the rate you get at the dealership.
  • We offer personalized service for all of your financial needs.
  • We offer the chance to join something important. Your membership helps build wealth in your community since we return income to our members through higher savings rates, low auto loans rates, and free or low-cost services.
  • We offer no interest for 60 days and no payments for 90 days.* Prepay your principal to get ahead and save money over the life of your loan.
  • We offer new car loan rates if the car is less than 3 years old and has less than 30,000 miles.
  • We offer convenient loan payment options.

At SC Telco, we want to see you save and invest rather than spend too much on your car loan. We extend reasonable rates to members seeking bad credit car loans so that they can get a fresh start and purchase life’s necessities. We also match auto loan rates for members with strong credit, offering the same terms as the dealership but with all the benefits and convenience of credit union membership. If you’re ready to get started and see how much we can save you, contact us to apply for a car loan today.

*Must meet minimum credit and collateral criteria to qualify for the 60/90 offer.